Portland Nest Thermostat Specialist

Portland Nest Thermostat Specialist

Sunset Heating and Cooling is your Portland Nest Thermostat Specialist. And, you may ask yourself, what is a Nest Thermostat? Well, it’s a very advanced high tech thermostat that automatically creates a pattern around your schedule, this means, it automatically programs itself, so you wont have to manually set it or program it, it analyzes your patterns of your everyday schedule and programs itself around that.

Why is this Nest thermostat different than the rest in the market?

The Nest is really unlike any other thermostat in the market today. You just set it at whatever temperature is most comfortable for you via a very simple dial and color-screen interface and the device adapts to your schedule, just like that. Within a week, it starts tuning your home’s temperature on its own. The Nest also has several sensors that determine if you are in the house and active; if you’re not, then it will automatically switch to Auto-Away or the nighttime mode.

The Nest  has a proximity sensor, so its screen lights up only when you are near by—a clever energy saver. And when you do interact with the Nest thermometer, it gives you very useful and helpful feedback. For example, when you decide to adjust the system, it will estimate the required time to reach the specified temperature. The Nest can also be connected to your Wi-Fi router and can be accessed via a Web portal or on iOS and Android devices, so you can keep an eye on the temperature or change the temperature in your home from afar.

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The Portland Nest thermostat specialist can help you install your brand new thermostat

Sunset Heating and Cooling specializes in Nest thermostats, so you can be confident that your new and beautiful thermostat will be installed only by qualified Portland Nest thermostat specialists, and your installation will be done with the highest quality available in town.

Simply give us a call at 503.234.0611 and a Portland Nest thermostat specialist will be on the way to install your brand new thermostat.

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