Heating an Addition

Heating an Addition

When building an addition you might wonder how to heat the additional space.  Should you use the home’s existing heating system? What strain will the extra space put on the existing heating system?  Maybe a separate heating system be installed in the home addition? If so, what type of supplementary heating system should be installed in the home addition? Our very own Portland Heating Contractors answer these questions.

Sunset Heating and Cooling have been working with homeowners and their remodeling companies on designing the perfect HVAC system for new home spaces.  An HVAC contractor can evaluate the size of your new addition, and the capacity in your existing heating system, to determine if it is large enough to support the new living space. Much of his analysis involves comparing the amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) the furnace system can produce with the amount of BTU’s required to heat your home with its additional new living space. An HVAC contractor can also determine how to tie in to existing shafts.

Sometimes, an addition can be best suited to a separate heating zone.  This might be due to it’s location from the furnace, the utility of the space, or simply the capacity of the existing heating system.

In the situation where the existing home heating furnace is inadequate, your HVAC contractor can discuss alternative options including putting in a larger furnace or heating the home addition with a separate standalone heat system. There are a number of choices for standalone heat systems that are ideal for home additions including wall and floor mounted units.

Other Heating Options

Alternatively you can also consider installing vented or ventless heaters in the new home addition. There are some aesthetically appealing gas stoves that can pump out an incredible amount of heat that are ideal for room additions. So if you are building a home addition talk to Sunset Heating and Cooling, your Portland HVAC contractor to answer your questions on how to heat your home addition. You will be surprised by the number of home heating options that are available to you.

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