Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Whether you currently own a heat pump that needs to be repaired or you are considering having one installed, Sunset Heating & Cooling can meet your needs. Our selection of quality heat pumps gives you a wide range of features to meet your home heating and cooling needs. And if you just need servicing for your existing unit, our professional technicians are up for the task. We work closely with all our customers to make sure your expectations are met.

Benefits of Home Heat Pumps

Maybe you’re considering a home heat pump installation, but need to learn more as to why they are a good idea. They are among the most efficient home heating and cooling systems available on the market today, saving you hundreds on your utility bill each year as compared to conventional units.

In addition to reducing your energy costs, you have quiet, uninterrupted heating and cooling service for you and your family.

Heat pumps absorb heat and transfer it to a different location. So during the cold winter months, that heat is transferred away from your home and in the summer months, the process is reversed.

If you’re looking for consistent and efficient climate control, call us today to see what option works best for you and your home.