Providing The Finest Furnaces in Portland

We offer a wide selection of residential gas furnaces, with efficiency levels that save our customers significant amounts of money through tax incentives and their utility bills. An inferior furnace can send over 20 percent of its energy right out of your home!

Tax Incentives for Energy Efficient Furnaces

The Energy Star Rating, developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), helps identify products that meet the program’s energy efficiency requirements. When a product meets these requirements, the volunteer program gives manufacturers the opportunity to display an ENERGY STAR label that tells consumers it’s a product they can trust.

High-efficiency furnaces will not only use less fuel, but also make sure more of it goes toward heating your home.In addition to lower utility bills, you can apply for state tax credits when you use a furnace (or other product) that is ENERGY STAR-approved.

Manufacturers sometimes offer rebates for their energy-efficient product lines. As you can see, these opportunities can add up to pretty big savings.

Recommended Energy-Efficient Gas Furnaces:

  • Lennox EL296V

    You can save hundreds of dollars every year compared to standard furnaces with this ENERGY STAR® qualified, 96% efficiency furnace. The Lennox EL296V uses SilentComfort™ technology and sound-absorbing insulation for quiet operation....

  • Lennox ML180

    The sealed blower compartment in the Lennox ML180 prevents heat loss for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. The perfect choice for home comfort on a budget....

  • Lennox ML195

    This is the ideal furnace for the combination of energy efficiency and affordability. The Lennox ML195 has an efficiency rating of 95% AFUE....

  • Lennox SLP98V

    The SLP98V furnace from Lennox uses exclusive Precise Comfort™ technology, which allows the unit to automatically adjust airflow and heat output to meet precise temperature requirements. With a 98.2% score on the AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency), you will see significant savings on your utility bills....