The Sunset name has been around since 1922 when Lloyd Miesen Sr. created Sunset Fuel by hauling saw dust from area saw mills to sell to local families for heating fuel. Over the years, Sunset has seen many changes and made many transitions to stay current in the industry. We’ve seen the heating source of choice go from wood to coal to heating oil and, currently, natural gas or electric. We are excited about looking to the future and continuing to provide our clients with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems.

The Future of Sunset

Sunset Fuel Company was passed from Lloyd Miesen Sr. to his three sons – Lloyd Jr., Lee, and Jerry. The three sons ran the company for many years until selling Sunset Fuel in 2004 to the General Manager, David Vernon. The name was changed from Sunset Fuel to Sunset Heating & Cooling, but the fact that Sunset has been providing area families with quality heating and cooling products has never changed.

So, where will Sunset go in the future? Solar, wind, geothermal or something else entirely? Who knows? What we do know is that Sunset has been here for generations of Oregon families and we’ll be here for the next generation too!