ShowerTaking a cold shower is NO FUN! Sunset can help. Our skilled technicians can replace that old hot water tank and get hot water flowing through your home again. Be it your traditional tanked system, the new energy saving high efficiency tanks, or even tankless – Sunset Heating & Cooling is there for your family.

Featured Hot Water Tank



This tank is amazing! Only a 29 gallon tank, but with its high efficient heating system, it produces hot water at a rate of 90 gallons per hour!

Plus, with its energy saving features – the RHEEM XR90 qualifies for Energy Trust Rebates!

Leak Protection

Ever had a water tank fail, resulting in your home getting flooded with water? Ruining carpet, sheetrock and causing thousands of dollars in damage?

We can install your water tank with leak protection! It’s a system that when it senses a water leak, it turns off the water going to the tank and sounds an alarm, letting you know there’s a problem. Protect your home from costly water damage by simply adding this leak protection system to your hot water tank!

Tankless Water Heaters

Never run out of hot water again!

tankless water heater portlandTankless water heaters produce hot water, on-demand, for as long as you want.

Tired of heating 50 gallons of water while you’re sleeping, at work or on vacation? With a tankless water heater you won’t be. You will be saving energy by only heating water when you want it!

Have a friend who needs a water heater? Refer them and get cash!