No A/C ducting in your home? No problem–Go Ductless!

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Portland, Oregon is filled with many beautiful older homes, brimming with a history and personality all of their own. Because their charming characteristics are irreplaceable, the thought of extensive remodeling to update these classic buildings with modern conveniences makes many homeowners uneasy. However, anyone can now easily experience the comfort of air conditioning in Portland, Oregon thanks to ductless heating and cooling! The mess and expense of retroactively adding duct work to a building for air conditioning is no longer a concern for those suffering from the hot, humid summer weather in Portland, Oregon. Working similarly to conventional central air systems, ductless air conditioning and heating systems consist of an outdoor unit and your choice of several indoor fixtures. The wiring and tiny refrigerant lines enter the home through a small hole, effectively hiding them and providing a clean, efficient installation. The ductless outdoor unit is also much quieter and far smaller than a conventional outdoor unit, typically measuring 32 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches deep and weighing a mere 18 pounds. […]