nest-thermostat-300x209[1]Sunset is happy to introduce the Nest thermostat. The Nest thermostat automatically regulate temperatures based on your patterns, has motion sensors to detect when the house is empty, and connects to a Wi-Fi network to enable remote operation.

Nest aims to save homeowners hundreds on their HVAC bills with its learning algorithms and user friendly interface. It demonstrates an Apple-esque eye for visual design that’s absolutely a notch above most thermostats, which range from plain to really ugly.

The Nest is a beautiful tiny device. Smart and programmable thermostats tend to rely on crappy LCD touchscreens and ugly, clunky interfaces. Even if they can save us big bucks on our HVAC bills, actually using them can be a big deterrent. Nest’s design stands head and shoulders above the competition by combining an elegant display with a classic knob control for adjusting temperature. It will definitely be easier to use than everything else on the market today–and if its algorithms are as smart as Nest implies, it could end up being even more efficient.

nest-thermostat-2-300x184[1]The Nest doesn’t force temperature change on you since it learns based on your patterns, but also provides recommendations for money-saving or environmentally friendly settings and rewards you with a leaf icon signifying a happy compromise. Nest plans to offer updates via the web, so the thermostats will ideally get smarter over time.

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