Air Handlers

When your air conditioner or heating system is operating, it’s the air handler that is responsible for making sure your cooled or heated air is distributed to every room in your home. It also plays an important role in your home’s air quality as well, since it filters the incoming air, making sure potential airborne health hazards stay outside.

Air handlers are usually made up of the following components:

– Filters
– Blower/fan
– Humidifier
– Mixing chamber
– Heating and/or cooling elements
– Controls
– Vibration isolators

It’s certainly not one-size-fits all when it comes to choosing an air handler. The right air handler depends on the layout of your home and your existing heating and cooling hardware. We make sure everything is functioning properly and is matched with the most appropriate air handler.

When installed properly, you will have a quiet and consistent flow of conditioned air. The best case scenario is if you don’t notice it. That’s when you know it’s working properly. A number of factors are considered to ensure your home receives just the right level of air flow.

For nearly a century, Sunset Heating & Cooling has provided Portland homeowners the heating and cooling services they deserve. Whether you need to replace your current air handler, or need one for a new home, our technicians have built a reputation of providing the best service and best products to Portland homes and the surrounding metropolitan area.

If you have questions or concerns about your air handler, call Sunset Heating & Cooling today.

For more information, below are the air handlers we install: